Chunky Aurora Borealis Crystal Bracelet

Chunky Aurora Borealis Crystal Bracelet


Bohemian chic aurora borealis crystal quartz cuff bracelet.  Layers of stunning a/b "aurora borealis" crystals sit in a line one a .50 inches wide beautifully textured gold brass cuff.  The pictures do not do justice to these ab quartz crystals.  With a slight squeeze at the ends, the boho quartz cuff is adjustable, and will fit a 6-8 inch wrist.

Quartz purifies and provides energy to the physical, emotional and mental bodies and unites them into spiritual energy.  Quartz strengthens the power of other stones and purifies them.  It stimulates the development of the third eye and contributes to the development of awareness.

Aurora quartz stimulates the throat and third eye chakra.  It purifies the aura and eliminates negativity from the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual bodies.

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