VitaJuwel Via Gemstone Water Bottle - Wellness

VitaJuwel Via Gemstone Water Bottle - Wellness


Enjoy your own fresh and pure crystal elixir water at home, or on the go with this unique gemstone water bottle featuring the healing benefits of Rose Quartz, Quartz (rock crystal) and Amethyst.

It's no secret that gem and crystal infused water has phenomenal healing abilities.  The added crystals and gems increase the oxygen content, making the water more alkaline and balanced.  As well as infusing the water with the natural healing properties of the stones.  Experts claim that amethyst stimulates and soothes the mind and that rose quartz fosters tranquility.

Designed in the German Alps, and Handmade in Austria this VitaJuwel Via gemstone water bottle by holds approximately 500ml of liquid.  Just remember to wash it by hand as it is not entirelly dishwasher safe.

  • holds 500ml of liquid
  • patented interchangeable gemstone pod
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