Jasper, skull and evil eye pendulum bracelet

Jasper, skull and evil eye pendulum bracelet

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Jasper, skull and evil eye pendulum bracelet from the Divination by MerCurios Collection.  "Balance" Jasper & Evil Eye "Goddess Pendulum Bracelet ©"

...A form of divination, the Goddess Pendulum Bracelet© is both fashionable & practical. Wear your divination tool wherever you go.

It's simple, ask a "Yes" or "No" question, your answer is revealed depending on the swing of the pendulum. Traditionally a circular motion is "Yes" and a back-and-forth motion is "No"; however, ask the pendulum "show me my (yes/no)". Now your "yes" and "no" swing is decided for all subsequent questions.

Jasper balances emotions. It helps to unite subconscious and self-awareness. It provides power and courage. It provides energy, vitality and happiness. Strengthens creativity in all areas.

The skull represent transformation...life, death & rebirth.  While the translucent dice represent luck, fortune, risk-taking & prosperity.

...Throughout the Mediterranean and Middle East, many people believe envious gazes or high praise from others can bring you bad luck. The people who praise you probably mean you no harm, but still, evil spirits can piggyback in on their words or looks.

The Evil Eye stares back at the world to ward off the evil spirits and keep you safe from harm

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