Pendulum Bracelet - Evil Eye and Coral

Pendulum Bracelet - Evil Eye and Coral

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Coral and Evil Eye Pendulum Bracelet from the Divination by MerCurios Collection is 

"Essence" Coral & Evil Eye Goddess Pendulum Bracelet ©" 

...A form of divination, the Goddess Pendulum Bracelet © is both fashionable & practical. Wear your divination tool wherever you go.

It's simple, ask a "Yes" or "No" question, your answer is revealed depending on the swing of the pendulum. Traditionally a circular motion is "Yes" and a back-and-forth motion is "No"; however, ask the pendulum "show me my (yes/no)". Now your "yes" and "no" swing is decided for all subsequent questions.

Coral has played an important role in religious and magical rites throughout the Pacific Islands.  In the Mediterranean, coral was thought, like amber, to contain the "life essence" of the Mother Goddess, who dwelled in the ocean in a "tree" of coral.  In ancient times red coral was a gift from the deities.

Coral is also a protective amulet.  It is used against the evil eye.  It guards against accidents, acts of violence & theft.

Coral is worn to effect inner changes.  It dispels foolishness, nervousness, fear, depression, panic and nightmares. 

-- Source: Cunnighams Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem and Metal Magic; Scott Cunnigham

The Evil Eye stares back at the world to ward off negativity & keep the wearer safe from harm.

The translucent dice represents fortune, luck & prosperity.

- Gold plated Over-sized (13mm) Spring Clasp
- Lead-free Pewter Hand of Destiny* Pendulum Drop

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