Priestess Aura Crystal Druzy Bracelet

Priestess Aura Crystal Druzy Bracelet


A stunning aqua aura quartz druzy slab edged in gold is uniquely set on organically hand cut heavily textured brass, creating a bewitching one of a kind cuff bracelet.  Crescent moons adorn each tab that hold the aura quartz druzy securely in place, while the Triple Goddess symbol (waxing, full and waning moon) is etched on each end of the cuff.

Beautifully bewitching with a rich patina, this one of a kind aura druzy cuff bracelet is fit for a Priestess, and will be a cherished addition to your magical wardrobe.


  • Brass
  • Natural raw aqua aura quartz druzy geode slab
  • Quartz measures 1.5" x 1"
  • Cuff bracelet measures .5" x 6" 
  • Adjustable to fit most wrists
  • One of a kind - you will receive the one pictured
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