Thorn Gold Quartz Crystal Pendulum Necklace

Thorn Gold Quartz Crystal Pendulum Necklace

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A hand cut, heavily textured brass "thorn" is paired with an alluring gold titanium coated raw quartz crystal to create a wearable pendulum.  The edgy crystal pendulum pendant glides on a 28" antique brass chain and is ready at a moments notice to point you in the right direction.

It's simple, ask a "Yes" or "No" question, your answer is revealed depending on the swing of the pendulum. Traditionally a circular motion is "Yes" and a back-and-forth motion is "No"; however, ask the pendulum "show me my (yes/no)". Now your "yes" and "no" swing is decided for all future questions.

Our Thorn pendulum necklace may be worn alone, or heavily layered with your favorites for a boho gypsy vibe. Wear your divination tool wherever you go! 

Quartz is an amazing stone, it purifies and provides energy to the physical, emotional, spiritual & mental bodies & unites them into spiritual energy. Generator quartz transmits energy and focuses the energy to a needed or desired point. Combined with the copper only enhances the flow & direction of the energy.


  • Brass
  • Titanium coated quartz from Brazil
  • Hand cut thorn pendulum
  • 28" antiqued brass chain
  • Pendulum pendant measures just over 1.5" long
  • Limited collection of 3 pieces
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