The Secret Lives of Crystals...


Crystals, Gems and Minerals

Abalone: Abalone / Paua Shell provides a feeling of happiness and fun. Has the effect of tranquility, flow & relaxation. Reduces criticism. May ease feelings of loneliness. Strengthens bones and heart, energizes and revives the body when needed.

Agate: Originally discovered in Greece thousands of years ago, Adate is believed to sooth a troubled mind.  Agate is worn to avoid envious thoughts and remove spite.

Coral: Coral has played an important role in religious and magical rites throughout the Pacific Islands.  In the Mediterranean, coral was thought, like amber, to contain the "life essence" of the Mother Goddess, who dwelled in the ocean in a "tree" of coral.  In ancient times red coral was a gift from the deities.  Coral is also a protective amulet.  It is used against the evil eye.  It guards against accidents, acts of violence & theft.  Lastly, coral is worn to effect inner changes.  It dispels foolishness, nervousness, fear, depression, panic and nightmares. 

Fluorite:  Fluorite works with the conscious mind. It is useful for straightening your thoughts, for reducing emotional involvement in a situation in order to gain a more accurate perspective.  It strengthens the wearer's analytical abilities and is useful for theorizing and assimilating information.

Goldstone: This stone provides confidence, strength and happiness.  Goldstone is good for creativity.

Jasper:  Jasper balances emotions. It helps to unite subconscious and self-awareness. It provides power and courage. It provides energy, vitality and happiness. Strengthens creativity in all areas.

Kambaba Jasper: This form of jasper calms the emotions whilst providing insight into difficult situations. This gem is often referred to as the “Supreme Nurturer” as it provides support through life’s stressful events and is an excellent stone to wear to help alleviate worry. It is grounding and absorbs negative energy protecting the wearer from psychic attack.  It promotes balanced emotions and good health yet it works at a steady pace and worn regularly the benefits this stone provides eventually become permanent.  It is excellent for those who have obsessions by helping to bring balance to the emotions whilst also promoting rational thinking. It teaches the wearer to have empathy with the feelings of others. This gem helps an individual to be honest with themselves providing the courage to deal with situations and turn their thoughts into actions. The energy of this stone works at the base chakra awakening the Kundalini (the spiritual life force at the base of the spine) as it does so it clears and strengthens each chakra in turn. It also works on stimulating creativity whilst encouraging self discipline to complete endeavors or projects which have lost their original excitement. In a healing capacity it aids the circulation and digestion and detoxifies the blood.

Ocean Jasper:  This form of jasper balances all the chakras and strengthens the body.  It increases creativity & originality.  Helps to provide new ideas and flourish.

Quartz: The natural tendency of quartz is for harmony. Quartz can amplify and purify thoughts.  It absorbs energy and can transfer that energy to your inner self. Quartz is said to bring the energy of the stars into the soul.  

Color Magic

Blue is the color of the ocean, sleep and of twilight.  The color blue is ruled by the element of water, and the planet Neptune, blue stones have a calming effect and promote peace.

Green is the color of the fertile earth and money.  Stones of this hue are said to attract money, riches, prosperity and luck.  They are grounding and balancing stones that are worn to attune with the earth.

Pink stones are packed with loving vibrations.  They are calming, soothing and used to de-stress and relax the physical body as well as the mind.  Pink stones can be worn to promote self-love; the realization and acceptance of yourself. Pink also promotes peace, happiness and joy.

Purple has long been associated with mysticism and purification.  Purple is excellent to wear for meditation, psychic work or any ritual to contact the subconscious mind.  It is also the color of healing and peace.

Evil Eye / Nazar

Throughout the Mediterranean and Middle East many people believe envious gazes or high praise from others can bring you bad luck.  The people who praise you probably mean you no harm, but still, evil spirits can piggyback in on their words or look.

The Evil Eye, or Nazar Boncugu, stares back at the world to ward off the evil spirits and keep you safe from harm.