If you know me at all, then you know 1. I'm obsessed with improving my product photography - perhaps too much so.  2. I'm a sucker for gadgets...

The below photo was taken using my brand spanking new Foldio2; the first ever Kickstarter project that I backed.  To be honest it felt pretty cool to be able to think of myself as an investor, even on such a small scale.  But I digress...

Ganesha Blue Quartz Necklace

The photo on the top was taken using my point and shoot and the photo on the bottom was taken using my Galaxy s4.  Both were edited in PicMonkey using the auto color and exposure features with no manual adjustments.

My goal - and the whole point of the Foldio2 - is use it with my smartphone.  Do you guys like the bottom photo?  Do you even notice a difference between the two?  Most importantly, does either picture convey the message "buy me"?  ;)

Foldio2 by Orangiemonkie

While I know there are  A LOT of product photo studios out there, I thought this project was cool since it's very lightweight, entirely portable and comes with two 27 chip LED's and both have a dimmer.   The built-in lighting is what really sold me as I'm sure not carrying the Flashpoint around.

The above product photos were taken using just one LED light strip on at full strength.  I opted to use my own background instead of one of the four that came with my Foldio2.

Anyway, I'd love your input, thoughts, etc...

xo, ~MJ