Just Sleeping

May 26, 2012
I dreamed about Nanuk last night... 

She and I were walking in the neighborhood.  We stopped to rest on a curb on some green grass under a tree.  She was curled up next to me and I could tell she was tired.  A man walked by and stopped.  He was dark skin and well dressed in a casual sort of way - a deep red or burgundy polo shirt and light khakis.  He looked down at Nanuk and said: "she's so beautiful".  I replied: "you can see her?, she died".  To which he replied, petting her slowly and softly: "of course I can see her...She's not dead, she's just sleeping."

It is now June 21 and nearly a month has passed since I had this dream.  I find so much comfort in it that I needed to share it, hoping others will find comfort in it too...