Born of a Mercurial Nature + Steeped in a Schizophrenic Aesthetic

mer·cu·ri·al / mərˌkyo͝orēəl/
Adjective: (of a person) Subject to sudden or unpredictable changes.

cu·ri·o / kyoor-ee-oh
Noun: plural cu·ri·os.
A rare, unusual, or intriguing object. Any unusual article, object of art, etc., valued as a curiosity.

Mer·Cu·ri·os / mərˌkyoor-ee-ohs
edgy, eloquent & unexpected, sweetly sensual & unapologetically hardcore. Rooted in emotion, spirituality, mindfulness of the earth, & just a bit goth punk.

About collage 1.jpg

The inherent character of MerCurios is one of metamorphosis; expect the specific designs of the pieces to change at my whim. The aura of the line will remain constant - organic, raw, industrial and chaotically couture.

The story of MerCurios is still being written and is unfolding with each new day...