rooted in emotion; guided by intuition

mer·cu·ri·al / mərˌkyo͝orēəl/
Adjective: (of a person) Subject to sudden or unpredictable changes.

cu·ri·o / kyoor-ee-oh
Noun: plural cu·ri·os.
A rare, unusual, or intriguing object. Any unusual article, object of art, etc., valued as a curiosity.

Mer·Cu·ri·os / mərˌkyoor-ee-ohs
edgy, eloquent & unexpected, sweetly sensual & unapologetically hardcore. Rooted in emotion, spirituality, mindfulness of the earth, & just a bit goth punk.

Behind the Scenes at MerCurios Jewelry

Small Batch ~ Handcrafted in New York

Accessible, original, modern, edgy and unique pieces for the many moods of a girl...pick your piece according to the type of woman you feel like in each moment.

Rock and roll girls will covet unique pieces such as hammered links with chunky skulls, stunning skeleton key bangles to unlock mysteries and bohemian bad ass two finger rings which provide a pretty, yet powerful punch.

Soulful gypsy girls will want to don a beautiful and bewitching evil eye pendant or a come-hither corset ring adorned with a word of inspiration.

Romantic dreamy girls will wish for a wrap bracelet made from blown glass, flowing copper wire and ethereal organza ribbon.

Spiritually progressive girls will love the cathedral chains and koi featured in some of the newest pieces. 

The inherent character of MerCurios is one of metamorphosis; expect the specific designs of the pieces to change at my whim. The aura of the line will remain constant - organic, raw, industrial and chaotically couture.


Born and bred in New York, MerCurios is the spawn of Fashion Industry Executive turned artist Mary-Jo Peritore.  Each and every piece is designed and fabricated in her Studio on the East End of Long Island, New York.  

The story of MerCurios is still being written and is unfolding with each new day...