Coming Soon - Glowing Moons

Arriving March 2016

These stunning, one of a kind statement necklaces feature a large hand cut crescent moon, and natural glow in the dark quartz crystals suspended from a chunky antique brass chain.

These necklaces are a limited collection of 3 pieces (actually 4, but one's for me!), so be sure to join the mailing list to be the FIRST to know when they arrive!

Yes! The stones actually glow in the dark.  How does it work you ask?  Well, simply expose the stone to natural sunlight, or hold it up to an indoor bulb - turn out the lights & Watch It Glow!

If you just can't wait for the necklaces, we have 2 Glow in the Dark rings currently in stock.  One in Pink, and one in Green.

Are either of them calling your name?...