Adding a Custom Location to Instagram

Here are the steps to creating your own custom location in Instagram.  What's great about a custom geo-tag, is that it keeps all of your photos in one place, and, your clients can add the location to their photos too!

First, "Check In" on Facebook using your personal profile.  Start typing the name of the NEW place that you would like to create, then click "add a new place" that pops up below.

Then, choose the category of the place that you are creating.  In this instance I chose "Shopping and Retail".  From there, drill down a bit, choosing the type of category/place, for me it's "jewelry store"

Next, you need to add where your place is located.  This where I recommend going to a local coffee shop, park, beach, etc..., if you work from home.  If you happen to have an actual brick and mortar store-front, or don't mind your home being visible to the world, you can choose "I'm here right now", otherwise choose the city/state that automatically pops up below.  You DO NOT need to add an address, if you don't want too.

Then all that's left is to click "Create a Place"

After about an hour or so, your brand new location will be available to you in Instagram.  ...I had created a location for MerCurios a few months back, and opted not to create a new location during this tutorial; that's why "create a place" says "MerCurios Jewelry" and the location in Instagram (below right) says "MerCurios".

Have Fun & Good Luck!  I'd love to know how this worked for you, so please feel free to comment below.