Crystal & Gem Water on the Go

It's no secret that gem and crystal infused water has phenomenal healing abilities.  The added crystals and gems increase the oxygen content, making the water more alkaline and balanced.  As well as, infusing the water with the natural healing properties of the stones.

In this case, overall wellness with Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz and Amethyst.  

  • Rose Quartz is used to open the Heart Chakra and promote peace and happiness.  
  • Clear Quartz is used to promote overall health
  • Amethyst is used to reduces the stresses of everyday life and promote both outer and inner peace. 

Now you can enjoy your own fresh and pure gemstone water at home, or on the go with this unique refillable gemstone water bottle.   The unique, patented design makes cleaning effortless, and the gem pod is interchangeable too!  (we'll be offering more gem pod options very soon, so stay tuned!) 

I absolutely adore my gem water bottle, and am so pleased to be able to bring them directly to you.  Our first batch of Wellness gemstone water bottles will be shipping August 5, and the quantity is limited.  

PRE ORDER YOURS NOW by clicking the link below.