Everyone needs an Anthem, What's Yours?

Dick Clark once said "Music is the soundtrack of our lives" and I believe that wholeheartedly.

For me, music evokes different memories, and the lyrics take on personal meaning for different moments in my life.  Even new songs can bring me back to an old place...

Everyone needs an anthem...a song that inspires you to succeed...a song that motivates you...a song that energizes you...a song that keeps you focused...a song that says - AND - evokes feelings of "there's nothing I can't accomplish".

This one is mine:

The energy is intoxicating.

It reminds me that nothing comes easy, and you only get out what you put in.

It reminds me that you need to work for it, bleed for it, and put all of your energy into it.  

We can meditate on expressing our wants to the Universe all day, everyday - but if we aren't doing anything to back up those wants - then the Universe isn't conspiring anything in my opinion.

BEing + DOing = Magic
— a motivational speaker, I forget which

We - each and every one of us - CAN have it all, if we put in the work and focus on our own shit.

It reminds me that I am greater than my art and that "MerCurios" isn't about achieving fortune and fame - although it would be nice - but it's about expressing my artistic voice. 

It motivates me to get off my ass, STOP procrastinating in the sea of perfectionism that I tend to swim in, 

A N D.    G E T.    M O V I N G.

Everyone needs an anthem, what's yours?

I created this poster as an inspirational, and motivational reminder for myself.  If it resonates with you too, I encourage you to download a copy for yourself below.