New Moon in Scorpio

The New Moon in Scorpio is a dark and intense time.  It forces us to reflect on our lives and goals.  Just as a snake must shed its skin in order for its new body to emerge, we all must continually remove the outer worn layers of ourselves so that a more refined Self may be born.

Scorpio embodies the principle of renewal and regeneration, that intimate and incredibly intense relationship we have with the destructive aspect of ourselves that serves to let in the Light of Life.

We all have things we must release in order to move forward, and the New Moon in Scorpio forces us to look deep within ourselves, holding a mirror to our souls revealing our scars, those attachments that only serve to hinder growth. ...Aspects of our personalities that no longer serve who we are or reflect who we wish to become...past hurt...betrayals...outworn friendships.

The New Moon in Scorpio demands this release so that we can be reborn in to the new year. The New Moon is after all a time for beginnings.

Below is a New Moon Mask Meditation to aid in the journey of self-discovery, release and renewal.  Namaste' and Blessed Be.