Gifts from the Earth - Selenite

Selenite - a crystallized form of gypsum - is one of my favorite minerals.  It's relatively soft made up of 70% water.  Some Selenite crystal formations consist of many very thin square layers.  These square layers are so fine that you can easily peel and separate them.


We've used a more solid form of Selenite - a general V shape that's also known as a "fish tail" - as the focal point for these ethereal moon necklaces.

Named after the ancient Moon goddess Selene, It's said, Selenite helps work with emotions by absorbing the surrounding energy and transforming it. 

Selenite expands your awareness of your sense of self, and your surroundings by lifting the veil, leaving you with a clear mind.

It also allows you to see the inner workings of any situation, and helps you to understand the superficial and the deeper meanings there in.

Necklaces left to right:

  1.  HPS Triple Crescent Moon
  2.  Mystic Crescent Moon
  3.  Gypsy Moon Talisman

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