Hoof and Horn, Hoof and Horn all that dies shall be reborn.
Corn and Grain, Corn and Grain, all that falls shall rise again.

Ostara, or the Spring Equinox as it is more commonly known, is a time for new beginnings.  The land is beginning to wake up from its slumber, seeds are being planted, and new life abounds everywhere you look.

Introspectively speaking this is a time to be very mindful of the seeds we are planting for ourselves, as we reap what we sow...

Pay special attention to:

  • the thoughts you think -- what is your inner dialogue like?
  • the words you speak -- speak words of beauty and you will be there.
  • the choices you make -- our lives up to this moment are indeed a culmination of the choices we have made.

Sow seeds of love, and love is what will bloom in your garden of self.  Sow seeds of self-doubt, or pity and that is what you shall get in return.

Ostara is not only a time of balance - day and night are equal lengths - but one where light becomes triumphant over darkness as the Wheel of the year carries us forward.

What seeds will you be planting this season?