Hair Sticks - February Metalsmith Challenge

As someone who has a lot of hair, and is always putting it up in chop sticks, I was super excited for February’s #metalsmithchallenge — Hair Sticks!

You see, these designs - especially the hair comb - have been floating on the back burner of my mind for a while now. This Call to Action from Metalsmith Society was exactly the push I needed to stop procrastinating and bring them to life.

Crescent moon hair stick and hair comb by MerCurios Jewelry
Crescent Moon Hair Stick by MerCurios Jewelry
Modern Hair Comb by MerCurios Jewelry

The monthly metalsmith challenge takes place on Instagram HERE. At the start of each month, Corkie (a/k/a @MetalsmithSociety, polls the audience on the design theme for the month. Participation is completely optional.

First and foremost It is supposed to be fun, promoting camaraderie and highlighting #CommunityOverCompetition. The monthly Metalsmith Challenge is also a great way for artists and metalsmiths of all aesthetics and skill levels to perhaps make something that normally wouldn’t make. Or like me, something that you’ve been wanting to make, but just didn’t have the time.

This months challenge is "Boxes and Vessels”. If you’d like to participate, it’s as simple as creating something and posting to Instagram with the hashtag #metalsmithchallenge. Don’t forget to tag Corkie at @metalsmithsociety too!