Scorpio New Moon | Intense Transformation

New Moons bring with them Beginnings. This Scorpio New Moon is no exception.

One of the most important New Moons of the year since it’s the first, (Samhain, October 31st marked the start of a new cycle) the Scorpio New Moon sets the tone for the year ahead.

Change is on the horizon, and with every beginning - new opportunity, new mindset, growth, etc… - something else must come to a close. True to form, Scorpio rips it away like a band aid whatever (or whomever) it might be, There are no playing games with this extremely transformative moon.

Rash is not something you want to be with all with all the intense emotion flying around under this Scorpio moon. Staying grounded (and in control) is the key to knowing the difference between what to (and not to} invest your energy in. For example ordering a Venti at your local Starbucks, and receiving a Grande, while it may suck especially if you really need those additional 4 ounces, really is not the end of the world, really.

Walk away when you must.
Walk the Goddess walk.

If you don’t remain grounded and fully in control of those deeply consuming feelings you’re experiencing, navigating this Scorpio New Moon will feel like trudging through a muddy swamp, feet sinking deeper with each step as you try helplessly to make your way to shore.


That’s where Selenite comes in. One of my personal favorite stones, its energy is cleansing and transformative. Selentie offers clarity. Helping to sort out those wild emotions, allowing you to clearly see what is real and what is illusion. Lifting the veil on what you need to let go of (and process) to be able to move forward this cycle.

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