I Waited Three Years for This


I'm at the playground with Gabriel today, pick up the android and get on Facebook.  Right there, staring me in the face is a friends post on my wall saying, "Yay!  Look who was in my inbox this morning", and it was a picture of our Carpe Diem ring.  "Woa!  Are you serious?", I replied.  And sure enough, after checking my own email, there it was staring me right in the face - the MerCurios Carpe Diem Ring in the Etsy Finds Tangled Web Blog Post!  I almost fainted!

Now - MerCurios has been getting a lot of attention lately - the ThreeVillage Patch business feature, the LeopardMilkshake shout out, Fashion Clique with "Rings that Rock", Cleo Magazine requesting samples for September... All of which is AMAZING, of course!  My gratitude to the Universe, and EVERYONE  is unending. 

However, this is most definitely the creme del la creme of them all.  For those that don't know - Etsy's web runs very deep.  The Etsy Finds Blog is up for ALL members to see - permanently - and an email gets sent out to those who choose to subscribe to it - like 200,000,000 people; seriously.  So of course I am stoked!

Like I said, I waited three years for this and I plan to relish each and every second of it.  So please try and bear with me. If my head swells a little too much feel free to pop my balloon... (I always have a back up on hand, lol)

Etsy Finds- Tangled Web

This fabulousness took place on Wednesday, July 21.  Below are the stats as of Thursday morning.   I'm pleased to say the numbers are continuing to climb.  I'm convinced the fallout of this event is limitless.

  • Carpe Diem Ring  = 1461 item views / 218 hearts (bookmarks)
  • MerCurios = 1515 NEW visitors / 6073 page views / 68 hearts (bookmarks)
  • Remaining Items = 4612 views / 67 hearts (bookmarks)
  • Sold five items -- three Custom 2 finger rings & 2 other items -- not to mention the numerous inquiry's that I'm confident will lead to sales

Now for the best part - In celebration of this event MerCurios will be giving away a Custom 2 Finger Ring just like the one featured.   Yes! You read correctly.  This contest will be a Twitter Exclusive and is open to all of our followers.  Be sure to follow @mercuriosjewels & stay tuned on Twitter HERE for the details.