Seeing is Believing


I stumbled upon these pink and green glow in the dark quartz crystals at a local gem & mineral show.  Actually I walked passed them.  It was my 4yr old son & husband who said "you have GOT to check this out!"  Begrudgingly I walked over, and to please them...picked up two green quartz points.

Raw Glow in the Dark Quartz.jpg

That was actually the best move I made!  30 minutes after creating and listing a two-finger ringwith the first crystal, it sold!  And, I immediately had a request for a glow quartz ring from someone else.  However, this person wanted a single finger version in silver.  Needless to say I got my hands on some more glow in the dark quartz crystals right away, and have been having a hard time keeping them in stock ever since!

We only have a few stones left!! 
Yellow = 1 /  Pink = 5 /  Green = 6

Coveting one of these edgy, yet oh so fun glow quartz crystals for yourself?  No Problem!  Contact me here to get the ball rolling.  Quantities are limited and are on a first come, first serve basis.

The feedback has been amazing!  Just glancing at our Facebook Fan Page you will immediately get caught up in all the buzz.  I only wish I could get one, just one clear picture of the quartz while it's glowing -- it is stunning!  The Pink stones glow Purple!!  Seriously, how cool are these stones?!

MerCurios Glow in the Dark Quartz Skull Rings.jpg